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Custom Brand and Catalog Design

Custom Brand and Catalog Design

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2 primary deliverables include:

Creation of a logo and brand for mavverick.

Revisions will be made upon client request (unlimited so we can get it exactly how you want it).

Catalog: 8” X 5” with 34 pages including front and back cover

The full text content and all images for the catalog are approved. Images will be sent to you in high resolution. All images would be used as received, you won’t retouch any. 

Mission, value, vision should be added in the catalog. I’ll send that to you. 

Branding details include:

A calm and natural business name

This name has a reassuring, relaxed feel - possibly because of its roots in nature. The ash is a common and popular tree and a glade is an opening in a forest - so it's an evocative and entirely natural combination. Mavverick is also valued as a quality timber as its grain is straight and its wood is tough.

What it should mean to my customers

Consumers should be guarantee of 'satisfaction, long lasting products and convenience' .

purpose of business 

the purpose of my business is to bring modern furniture that will provide satisfaction for everyone.

Who my business serves

my customers and other that are willing to patronize our company.

What makes my company unique to its customers

whats makes Mavverick  to customer is its name. 

our personality

we have an effective personality

what the brand should represent  

my brand should represent "high quality option"

brand tone

the tone of the brand should be "friendly".

my targets and mission.

1) my mission is to serve consumers  and industrial market segment with leading edge product that will satisfy their needs in functionality,comfort and style. 

2) my core values are effectiveness and efficiency.

3)  most of our customer are from the age of 35 and I will like to target their income demographics.

4) i want my company to be perceived as professional, i want them to know that we offer best prices and there's a discount for every product when you are buying more than 3 pieces.

5) i would like to compete with other furniture company but my main competitor  West Elm.

6) for colors i would like black and yellow if possible brown.( let me know your suggestions)

7) In the next 10-20 years I would likemtp become a world brand. 

important elements that i would like to stress are:

  • friendly
  • modern
  • high quality
  • intimate
  • secure
  • positive
  • convenient
  • effective
  • efficient
  • value

for logo inspirations you can look at brands like crate&barrel, america signature furniture, or williams sonoma.

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