How it all began

Our Story

While growing up, Luke had a fascination with computers, sports, curiosity, and competition. He played travel club and school soccer due to this fact and really enjoyed it.  Luke also had always enjoyed playing video games and just being on the computer in general. 

Unfortunately, Luke injured his back high school sophomore year and was unable to continue playing soccer, the game he loved. During this time, Luke's alter ego "DeKs" was born and he played countless hours of video games.  Since having a good computer was one facets of the game, this led him to be curious about how a computer worked.  One day Luke was so curious, he decided to completely take apart an old computer that his family still had.  It was on this day that he learned how something functioned by completely reverse engineering it.


Many many years down the road, he would learn about database, process, and IT management at Indiana University and saw that he did indeed still love computers, technology, and just figuring out how things work.

After working for 7 years in the IT corporate world, Luke discovered his passion for e-commerce, digital marketing, and website design and build.  He realized that even though he wasn't great at selling products, that he could help others by making their online presence the best it could be through his creative way of developing ad copy and his skills learned while website building 10 different Shopify stores. 

dekstech was formed based on HELPING OTHERS achieve their goals with his unique and keen sense for digital creation. They are based out of Toledo, OH and live everyday with a passion to drive value to their clients, friends, and family members.  The company realizes that not everything will come with a dollar amount and that is perfectly fine.  The purpose of dekstech is enable other companies to provide a significantly better user experience on their e-commerce store (mainly Shopify).  Please feel free to reach out by clicking here. If you have any questions about our story and we look forward to helping you sometime soon! 

Hello there!  My name is Luke Tull and I founded dekstech.  I have a wife and 3 kids (ages 1, 2, and 4 years old) and live in Toledo, OH where the company headquarters are located. 

I hope you've enjoyed your experience here so far and pray that I can help you make your e-commerce company the best it can be.

"You'll never find anything out about yourself unless you try and experience different things in the world.  Be fearless and brave and don't be afraid to fail." - Luke Tull

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    With dekstech, you get a unique perspective.  One that makes sure your technology strategy and approach matches with your business model.