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Explore Shopify Subscription Plans: Lite, Basic, Shopify, Advanced, Plus

When first starting out on Shopify, it may be hard to know which Shopify subscription plan is best for you. The whole purpose of this blog post is help you decide which one is best. With that being said, Shopify offers several different subscription plans for businesses to choose from, including:

  1. Shopify Lite: This is the most basic plan and is designed for businesses that already have a website and just want to add a buy button or shopping cart. It costs $9 per month.

  2. Basic Shopify: This plan is designed for small businesses and includes features such as a website and blog, as well as access to Shopify's app store. It costs $29 per month.

  3. Shopify: This plan includes all the features of Basic Shopify, plus more advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery and professional reports. It costs $79 per month.

  4. Advanced Shopify: This plan includes all the features of Shopify, plus additional features such as advanced report building, and third-party calculated shipping rates. It costs $299 per month.

  5. Shopify Plus: This is an enterprise-level plan for larger businesses with high sales volume. It includes all the features of Advanced Shopify, plus additional features such as dedicated IP and launch readiness. It's a quote-based plan, not a fixed monthly cost.

It's best to evaluate your business needs and the features offered in each plan to determine which one is best for you. If you're just starting out, the Basic Shopify plan may be a good place to start, but if you have a high volume of sales, Shopify Plus may be a better fit.

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